Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Working in an unheated garage is NOT pleasant this morning! I have on 2 pairs of socks, long johns, sweat pants, a long sleeve tee shirt with an old wooly sweater over that and I’m still freeeeezing! I look somewhat like the Michelin man and I can barely move.

The space heater is sitting about 6 inches from my legs but it just isn’t helping much. I guess I am not quite as resilient as I used to be.

Oh well, soon it will be summer and you can hear me whine about the heat!

And on a happy note… for my b-day present my hubby & I are going to the Eagles concert tonight in Charlotte- Yay!

Happy hump day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

it's always something...

Well, this past weekend was spent redoing our kitchen pantry. Got rid of the wire shelves and put in proper wood ones. It looks soooo nice!

While at Lowe’s shopping for pantry stuff I also purchased another big wire rack for the studio- Yay! More shelf space. I will be putting that together this week and hopefully filling it up soon with new work.

Today the electrician is here hard wiring my kiln. I had a little incident the last time I fired and the outlet melted :( Yikes! Not a good thing. So anyway, as my post title says “it’s always something”.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009!

Time to clean up the studio (again!) and get back to work.

I will be the featured clay artist in April at a sweet gallery in Charlotte named
Lark & Key So... I am really excited to get creative and make some new pieces.

I have also been commissioned to create awards for the Houston Heights Association "Fun Run". The Heights is a diverse neighborhood with beautiful historic homes and funky new ones mixed together in the heart of downtown. The race is an annual event and they always have an artist create the awards. I have made awards for this a couple of times in the past and am happy that they have asked me again! For those of you who don’t know me I lived in Houston for almost 20 years prior to escaping to North Carolina hence the Texas-NC connection.

During my extended break from clay I have been plotting some new work and hope it will translate from my brain to my hands. I might even do a little throwing! Keep y'all posted (that's a TX thang ;-P )