Thursday, February 5, 2009


These are some of the Houston Heights "Fun Run" awards in progress. I still have a lot more detail painting to do plus I will be adding some text to the backs. I plan on finishing these today and re-firing them to bisque temperature to set the underglazes. Then a quick dip in clear glaze and fire them up to cone 6.

I am anxious to get these done so I can fully concentrate on the show at Lark & Key which will be opening at the beginning of April.


Stacy said...

Hello hello

I found your site this evening and love reading through your days, process etc.
On this I read that you fire to bisque to set the underglaze? Is this common and I simply havent heard of it before? So three firings, bisque-bisque-cone6 yes?

Do you work with mason stains and if so might I ask how you mix them? With a clear glaze or with water and a frit?

Keep on writing- this is one of the best clay blogs out there


barbara chadwick said...

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Yes, I do 3 firings (bisque, bisque, cone 6). I find the glaze coats the piece better after the underglazes are bisque fired on.

I use AMACO Velvet underglazes- they are stable and semi transparent which works well for me since I often do multiple washes to build up depth of the surface/colors.

Best wishes,