Thursday, March 10, 2011

The teapot finished

In my haste to ship this piece to its new home, I did not get to shoot any images so this was sent to me by  the person who commisioned it. I was very relieved that I had no cracks or issues with the appliques during the glaze firing. 

Here is another recently finished house form. I am pretty happy with this one. It is approximately 9"x 8" 


Marina Bosetti said...

Really lovely fun work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara
Just came across your wonderful blog. Love your work. I would love to put your blog URL on my blogroll. Hope that is ok.

oldfriend77 said...

i like everything about you. i mean your work..

Deborah Britt said...

The surface is so interesting. Love the niche. Are you firing on decals, or is the decoration added post firing? I just took a workshop on non-traditional surfaces for clay. Very inspiring.

Deborah Britt

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zarena cantik said...

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iamb said...

just love this!!