Friday, May 1, 2009


I found this abandoned nest. It was in an old bird house taken down over the winter. I have always loved incorporating birds, eggs, etc. on my work so this beautiful piece of nature will live in my studio as inspiration and as a reminder of unrealized potential.


Linda Starr said...

Oh my and they look so beautiful and fresh.

Amy said...

the pic in itself is gorgeous; would be a good frameable one. Hope your Lark & Key show has been great.

barbara chadwick-bland said...

Hi Amy,

I thought about framing it too! I guess great minds think alike ;-)
The show at Lark & Key went really well- thanks for checking out my blog!

Jen Mecca said...

I love bird nests also on my pots ( as you know) I have Wrens always trying to make nests in my studio. I hate "shoeing" them out but I know the cats would have to much fun otherwise!
Thanks for the nice note on my last blog post.
Did you get my note to you about the soap dish? J

barbara chadwick-bland said...

Hahaha! In your note I thought you said soup dish and I was thinking "well I don't usually make those but I guess I could." Yes, I am sure I will have something that would be good for that or I would be happy to custom make you one too!