Saturday, May 30, 2009


It has finally stopped raining and is a BEAUTIFUL day here- Yay! I always feel so much better when the sun is out. I am offiicially down to my last few pounds of clay so it's off to Charlotte for supplies! Unfortunately this errand usually ends up taking up a good portion of the day.

I live at the other end of the world from the clay store but I also stop at a million other stores along the way (well, since I 'm in that area of town I feel obligated to do my part for the economy)!

I am trying to work on building up inventory and will post some images as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend!

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Carolina Creations - Jan & Michael Francoeur said...

Hi Barbara, I LOVE your work! If you're ever looking for a gallery in New Bern we'd love to carry it. We're gearing up for a Circle of 8 show in July and august.
Great work, I'll be coming the last monday of june to pickup so will stop at lark and key to see it in person.